Co-location Service - Locate customers' system on siIDC. Connect customers' system to KT's high speed Internet backbone.

Server Hosting Service - Lease and manage various kinds of servers attached to Internet backbone.
Web Hosting Service - Provide a specific space on the web server and manage customer's web site

AVAUDΆβ Brand Server - Sell various servers manufactured by AVAUDΆβ , Samsung Electronics, LGIBM, etc. in relatively cheap prices.
MSP (Management Service Provider) - Take total care of customers' IT resources by trained experts
SMS (Short Message Service) - Send Short Message Service between mobile devices or between mobile device and Web, PC, Server, etc.

Value Added Service Security Service: Provide Firewall, IPS, etc.

Storage Hosting Service - Provide Storage on customers' request

Load Balancing Service - Provide L4 Switch to control the traffic

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