Business connectivity is no longer a challenge. With high-speed access, security technologies like SSL VPN, IPSec VPN and the variety of access devices available, people can connect anytime, anywhere with any device. The new challenge is how to make sure that only the right users have access to the right content.

 SSL based VPNs allow organizations to cost-effectively extend secure access to network resources over the public Internet.

 SSL appliances can provide single-port access (TCP 443) to Citrix MetaFrame, Web and Java applications, file shares, terminal hosts, and other client/server applications like Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.

 Unlike standard VPNs, SSL VPN’s require no software on the user's machine - just a standard Web browser that will encrypt traffic with 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) before transmitting it over the Internet to the company's network.

 AVAUD™ Secure Access System is the SSL VPN browser-based solution which enables secure access to corporate email and applications for mobile employees and partners. Businesses can control what information is being accessed, locally stored, and/or uploaded to the network based on who the user is, what device they are using, and more importantly how secure that device is. AVAUD™ enables the freedom to do business – anytime, anywhere, from any device while ensuring the integrity of the network.

 Extending reach to employees, partners and customers, AVAUD™ Secure Access System enables access to content from enterprise and non-enterprise devices while leveraging existing security, applications and network investments.


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