Until recently, most IT organizations have been adding capacity to their data-only networks by upgrading network electronic equipment as newer, faster devices became available, and by adding additional cabling for new stations in the office area as needed.

 The original Cat5 standard allowed the higher speed 100Mbps hubs, switches and routers to be deployed, providing a true 100BaseT network design. In the past few years, technologies such as IP Telephony, VoIP, power over ethernet, and streaming video have increased bandwidth requirments and the demands on the network infrastructure and associated high-performance connectivity.

 Turnkey services cover the whole range of the project ranging from system design, engineering, supply of products, testing to installation work. In the international market the share of full turnkey projects is increasing for the benefit of the reduced project cost, shortened project period, quality improvement resulted from the full responsibility of the contractor and the technical superiority.











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